Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Did You Know? June Fact

Summer! Time for the beach, vacation, sun, and fun! Right?  Well, maybe.  Many people find summer more stressful than carefree.  The logistics of planning a vacation, finding childcare and activities for children home from school, and trying to fit in too much during good weather can stress even the most avid summer enthusiast.  Here are some basic tips to make your summer a breeze:
  1. Don't overplan: having 50 fun activities scheduled for each day of summer will leave you feeling more burnt out than relaxed.  Make sure you leave some unstructured time to sit back and slow down.
  2. Don't underplan: doing nothing is also not the answer.  Boredom can be as stressful as doing too much.  Make sure you have a few meaningful activities spaced out over the summer to look forward to.
  3. Take advantage.  The natural light during summer can be a mood enhancer, and the weather allows you to use nature as stress reliever.
  4. Increase physical activity.  Use the outdoors for your workout or just take more walks.  Exercise is a natural antidepressant.
  5. Take time to connect.  Take a technology vacation and spend time camping, playing outdoor games, and having face time with your family and friends.
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