Tuesday, September 5, 2017

APA Stance on DACA and Resources

APA has called on President Trump to preserve the "Dreamers" Program; however, today he announced he would end the program within 6 months. These individuals may be our students, colleagues, clients and friends. 

Norma Salcedo, the AB 540 Coordinator in the Dean of Students Office at SFSU put together this set of resources, and there are a few more tacked on at the end. This was shared via the APA Division 17 listserv. 

DACA Resources and Updates:

 DACA Update: Five Things You Should Know by the National Immigrant Law Center (NILC) (8/25/17)

Resources for Educators:
 DRC Resources for Educators

Advice on DACA.

Resources for Undocumented Youth.


Current Actions.

Additional Resources:

Sign this petition yourself, share it with friends, and ask your employer to sign this petition to stand with DACAmented employees.
Upcoming Actions in the Bay Area:
Defend DACA on Saturday, Sept. 9 at 2p in Oakland (Oscar Grant Plaza).