Monday, July 9, 2012

Work, Vacation and Stress

Fact: According to a 2006 survey, one in four workers plan to work while on vacation.

Isn't vacation supposed to be relaxing?  Consider these tips to help make the most of your vacation.

  1. Don't set expectations too high:
  2. if you rigidly plan every moment of the vacation, you are bound to be disappointed at some level.  Make sure you have time to relax and enjoy.
  3. Don't underplan:
  4. Waking up the hour before the flight to pack is likely to send your stress level through the roof.  Take 15 min a day the week before the vacation to start packing and arranging necessary details in advance.
  5. Turn off the office.
  6.   Put on your "out of office" message on your e-mail and on your work phone to let others know you will not be returning messages. 
  7. Plan for the adjustment of returning to home and work.
  8.   Have a coworker cover your work so you are not overwhelmed when you return.  Work a few hours into your schedule upon returning to answer e-mail and phone messages.  Consider planning a "cushion" day at home to get ready for the trip and then to recover before heading back to work.
  9. Keep positive habits.
  10.   Eating out, alcohol, and sleep deprivation are likely to throw off your system if you completely change your habits on vacation.  Remember to exercise, eat right, stay hydrated, and get enough sleep among all the fun.

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