Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Need Resources? Try 211

by Guest Blogger, David Weaver, Ph.D.

Clients Over-Whelmed? You Over-Worked? Call 211 or Search

Does your clint have multiple unmet needs? Like food, shelter, health care, transportation, child care, recovery from addiction or other problem. Would you feel over-whelmed? Could you effectively and simply help them help themselves?

Calling 211, or going to or (Hands On Ohio in FC) gets the person the necessities they need. They get them for themselves. Its sponsored by the United Way and Alliance of Information and Referral Systems (nationwide). The person quickly learns about self-help groups, self-reliance, and all community services.

The new psychologist in a community mental health agency working with addicted, alcoholic, homeless, physically ill, felons, suicidal or homicidal clients has backup. Simply refer those pesky non-treatment plan issues to 211. The professional also learns by exploring 211.

I have been strengthened and calmed by knowing 211 had my professional back. It discharges my counter-transference (especially when I use self-reliance groups like Al-Anon) and my liability. Referral to the professional 211 agency allows the person to decide what to do and with which resource. It works for my clients multiple problems, allowing us to focus on psychotherapy and helping all of us to feel better. I sleep better.

People using 211 gain motivation, remission and recovery. They are more likely to help themselves solve their problems.

Self-help groups are the third pillar of treatment. They boost the effect of psychotherapy and medicine. They are infinitely expandable having the capacity to divide like a cell and serve all 3 million diagnosable Buckeyes. For free and with around the clock coverage given their use of sponsors and phone numbers. Peers helping peers are motivated and knowledgable. They are always available. The meetings are always available. They target their issues with great fidelity. When wo recovering people are welcomed, accepted and respected, we heal. Self-reliance also heals.

211 began in 1979 (the 'community' mental health promise, since broken). But, according to my small sample surveys only a consistent 20% of police, physicians, counselors, teachers, and State employees know what 211 is. Let us get 80% educated about 211. Get the 411 on 211. Refer to it.

Call 211.