Monday, September 24, 2012

APA Launches Psychotherapy Awareness Initiative

American Psychological Association

This morning APA launched the Psychotherapy Awareness Initiative to the public and media. A multimedia press release with the embedded video series, Psychotherapy: More Than a Quick Fix, was sent over the news wires across the U.S. Additionally, new resources are available on the Psychology Help Center including Understanding Psychotherapy and How It Works and an updated Talk to a Psychologist brochure. See Quick Links below.

Press release on APA website
"Has Psychotherapy Taken a Back Seat to Medication,"
Psychology Help Center landing page: This is sort of a portal to all the psychotherapy materials including the videos.
Psychotherapy Works! page:
Understanding psychotherapy and how it works:       
Blog post from Dr. Katherine Nordal,
Talk to a Psychologist brochure (online version):
Order FREE print copys of Talk to a Psychologist brochure:
(APA members can order Talk brochures packets of 50 for FREE. Bulk supply of Talk brochures were mailed to SPTA executive directors last week with template labels so SPTAs can add their information to the back of the brochure.)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Advocates for Ohio's Future

OPA is working with a coalition called Advocates for Ohio's Future to promote mental health, alcohol/drug addiction services, human services and early childhood and aging interventions within the next state budget for Ohio. If you are a psychologist who has patients who would like to tell their stories about problems with access--please let Dr. Celeste know, so we can get them connected with the effort to educate lawmakers about the needs of our patients or potential patients.

Bobbie L.Celeste, Ph.D.
Director of Professional Affairs
Ohio Psychological Association
395 E. Broad St. Suite 310
Columbus, OH 43215

More Details:
Advocates for Ohio's Future is working with the Health Policy Institute of Ohio to gather stories for a statewide research publication on Health Care access. This is a great opportunity to include your story or a story of a someone in your community in a report that will be shared with state lawmakers, the Administration, and health policy leaders across the state.

The purpose of the brief is to provide a snapshot of access issues in Ohio, including why access to health care matters, who has access to health care and who does not. It will inform upcoming decisions that will impact health care access, such as the 2014 Medicaid expansion and workforce planning.

The brief will include 1-3 family and provider stories to illustrate the impact of access challenges on everyday Ohioans, which is where we need your help. We're looking for stories of Ohioans that show the impact of lack of access to health care as well as the positive difference access makes.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Out of the Darkness Walks

Please join us for the Out of the Darkness Suicide Prevention Walks on Sunday, October 7th from 12-2pm. This will be OPA/COPA's joint team.